Sunday, 23 October 2011

Potato Cutlets

Anything to do with potatoes, and i'm game !

So lets not waste any time getting down to the recipe.

Ingredients :
Potatoes : 4 boiled and peeled.
Onion : 1 
Green chilies : 4-5
Coriander : 1/2 bunch
Mint : a few leaves
Salt : to taste
Red chili flakes : to taste
Chinese salt : 1/2 tsp
Cumin : 1 tsp
Chaat Masala : 1 tsp
Oregano : 1/2 tsp

Egg : 2
Bread crumbs : to coat

Method :

Dice onion. Keep aside.

Chop chilies. Keep aside.

Roughly chop coriander and mint. Keep aside.

Mash potatoes.

Add the spices, onion, chilies, coriander and mint.



Dip in egg mixed with salt and paprika/red chili powder.

Coat in bread crumbs.

Shallow fry till golden brown.

Serve with mint and coriander raita.


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