Monday, 15 August 2016

Turkey Part 3: Sea Life Aquarium and Forum Mall

Not many people will visit an aquarium when they visit Istanbul. If not for 'N', I wouldn't have either because I've already been to an aquarium in Thailand. 
This was our 3rd day in Istanbul and the day we stepped on Istanbul's metro for the first time. 
We asked one of the guys at our hotel's reception for directions to the aquarium.

Get a metro card if you plan on exploring Istanbul, metro tickets are much cheaper that way. We had 2 metro cards, which i borrowed from my brother and cousin but we opted to use only one (you can charge the card as many times in one go) 

Image taken from Google

We left the hotel at 11 am. Walked till Taksim square (5 minutes away). 
Took a metro from taksim to Yenikapi, which is 3 stops away. I dont remember the exact amount for the ticket but it was around 2.5-3 TL (88-106 PKR / 0.3- 0.4 OMR). It took 15-20 minutes to reach Yenikapi. 

Waiting for a train at Taksim metro station

Follow the arrows (or ask someone) for the way to the Airport line. Don't to go all the way out, you'll find the way within the metro station.
From Yenikapi take the airport line to Kocatepe, which is 4-5 stops away. The mall is right outside the station. The aquarium is in the mall as well. 
So we spent some time at the aquarium, roamed the mall and had lunch at the food court.

Tickets for the aquarium are 48 TL per adult (6.200 OMR / 1700 PKR), Child (3-14 years) is 37 TL (4.900 OMR/ 1300 PKR)
Jellyfish, they are so mesmerizing to watch.

How gorgeous is his leopard print stingray!


As you can see we were quite fascinated with the sharks :D

We found nemo!

We had lunch at Otantik Kumpir in the food court.
Kumpir is the ultimate baked potato with butter, cheese and a whole range of toppings. Its delicious! 
Kumpir was 13 TL each (1.700 OMR/ 460 PKR)
I had it thrice during the course of our trip! :D

Outside the mall

Ikea is right across the street from the mall.

We were pretty excited to go to Ikea, ask me why! 
We do not have Ikea in Oman (yes, you heard that right). We have everything but no ikea, nada. 
We bought fruity candles, nothing else.

Anyway, we came back to the hotel around 6 pm. 
Dinner that day was a basic doner from Taksim Park Restaurant at Istiklal street.

Taksim Square

Well, this was day 3.
Stay tuned for Turkey Part 4: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace

See You!


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