Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chicken Handi (A different Version)

Chicken karahi or chicken handi is one of the most versatile dishes I know (Cuz i never prepapre it the same way twice, a little tweak here, a little there)
It always ends up better than the previous times !  

You can prepare it thousands of ways. Talk to someone and they'd give you a totally different recipe for this.
I've made a few as well.

There are a few basic ingredients to this {chicken (this can easily be made with mutton too), tomatoes,yogurt} but you can play around with the spices, some people add cream in their handi, some add butter ! (I told u, there are a lot of ways you can prepare this!)

So this recipe is different from the others i've made. It is absolutely scrumptious !
(Great for sehri with Paratha or Roti too !)

For my Previous recipes check the links below

For the Ingredients you'd need

About 750 grams of Chicken
1 tbsp of Ginger Garlic paste
1/2 tsp of Cumin (Zeera)
1/2 tsp of Black pepper.
a few Curry leave (they can be left out, but i'd highly recommend that you add these)
1 Large (or 2 medium) Onions (sliced)
2 medium sized Tomatoes
4-5 Green chilies (chopped)
Salt to taste
2 tsp (or to taste) Red chili flakes
1/2 tsp of Turmeric (Haldi)
1 tsp of All Spice (Garam Masala)
1 Tbsp of (Shaan Karahi Masala, or any ready-made Masala)
1 cup of Yogurt (thats around 1 pao, 250 grams)
1/2 a bunch or Coriander
3-4 Green chilies.

Heat oil in a wok or a handi (I'm using handi).

Add cumin and Curry leaves.
Cook for a few seconds.

My curry leaves tree !! <3

..than add ginger garlic paste. Cook till fragrant.

add chicken

..salt and black pepper (add freshly crushed, it does make a huge difference)

When the chicken changes color and looks cooked, take it out with all the juices.

In the same Handi, heat a little oil. 
Add the sliced onion and fry till golden brown.

Add chopped tomatoes and green chilies...

...Shaan Karahi Masala..

...salt, red chili flakes, turmeric, all spice. 
Mix and cook till the tomatoes are tender.

When the oil separates, add yogurt...

...and the cooked chicken.

Cook on high heat till the gravy is thick.

Add Coriander and Green chilies.

and Serve !! 

Enjoy !! 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Onion Fritters (Pakora)

Happy Ramadan everyone !
I havent been posting much here, even though i am free from everything these days (apart from making cakes of course !)
I've had a few recipes that i've wanted to blog about, just couldnt find the time !

I'm still waiting for my result, yea, i still dont have an MBBS degree :( (hopefully they'd announce the result soon)

Lets come down to the recipe i'd be sharing today,
These are onion Fritters that my mother makes, she adds anything she can find in these :D
so they are actually onion, spring onion and so-many-other-things fritters :D
i've been having these in Ramadan for as long as i can remember. Our Iftar table is not complete without these !

They are crispy and spicy and super delicious !

(This recipe is very versatile, You can adjust all the ingredients according to your taste)

You'll need
1/2 cup of Gram Flour (Besan)
1/2 tsp of Baking soda (Meetha soda, as we call it here)
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp of Red chili powder
1/4 tsp of Red Chili Flakes
1/4 tsp of Cumin (zeera)
1/2 tsp of Coriander seeds
1/4 tsp of Oregano
1 Onion sliced
2-3 Spring onions (sliced with the green part)
2-3 Green chilies
1 small Potato (Diced)
a handful of Coriander leaves

Mix gram flour with baking soda.

Add water and beat to make a thick paste. Make sure there are no lumps.

Leave for 2-3 hours.

When you are ready to fry them than add the other ingredients !

Salt, red chili powder, Oregano, Red chili flakes, Cumin, Coriander seeds, Green chilies

Add sliced onion

..diced potatoes

...spring onions and coriander leaves

Mix everything together, add water if necessary but make sure that it stays together !

drop the batter in hot oil with a spoon or use your hands to form Pakorey !

Deep fry till golden brown.

Serve with ketchup or Green coriander and mint chutney!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Garlic Bread

I love Garlic bread, and i'd be surprised if somebody here says that they don't!
Who doesn't love a nice piece of buttery, garlic-y bread !
And to take it to a next level, I made the french bread from scratch too ! :O
i know, i couldn't believe it myself :D
haha :D
You can definitely use ready made french bread if you don't want the hassle of  making one from scratch 
So down to the recipe
Ingredients: (for the bread) 
(this makes 1 large loaf of bread)
2 1/2 cup of Flour
1 tbsp of Yeast
2 tsp of Sugar
1/2 a tsp of Salt
1 cup of Warm Water
(for the garlic bread)
French bread sliced diagonally 
5-6 tbsp of Melted Butter
2-3 Large cloves of Garlic (Crushed)
a pinch of Salt (if you are using unsalted butter)
1/4 tsp of Black pepper
1/2 a tsp of Mixed Italian herbs (You can use any other herbs you like)
1/2 a cup of Cheese (cheddar or mozzarella)

Place warm water in a bowl, add sugar and yeast. 
Leave to bloom for 5-7 minutes
Than add all the flour and salt

Mix and knead to form a medium dough.
Leave to rise for an hour.

Look at this beautiful airy dough.
Punch it down (dont cringe, it will rise again).

Make the french bread shape and place it on a lightly grease baking sheet.
Place it in a COLD oven. than turn it on at 160 degree centigrade. 
Turn it on when u place the bread in.

Check after 25-30 minutes. It should be lightly brown on the bottom and on top.
Take it out and leave to cool.

Meanwhile mix together melted butter, black pepper, italian seasoning and garlic. Leave for 10 minutes for the flavors to blend together.

Cut the bread in diagonal slices.

Brush with generous amount of butter mixture

top it off with cheese. Sprinkle with a bit of oregano (totally optional)

Bake in a preheated oven for 5-7 minutes or till the cheese is melted.

Enjoy !!!!

Sharing recipe with Thursdays treasures

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fish Fingers (and a day with VJ Sehrish)

This has been quite an exciting week for me, 
I was asked by Vj Sehrish to join her on her show called 'Girls Republic'

I was ecstatic and nervous and the night before the show I was downright Scared !

It was a first time i was asked to be on TV, and i was really grateful for the opportunity,
I couldn't thank Vj Sehrish enough, she's an amazing person, sweet and so down-to-earth !

Here's a picture of me with Vj Sehrish

...and a cake i made for her :)

Check out more pictures on my page

Getting down to the recipe now.

My father bought some gorgeous looking fillets of fish a few days back. 
Seeing that beautiful piece of boneless fish, i knew instantly what i wanted to do with it !

(For the record , I've never made fish fingers before)

I didnt really know what ingredients to use, so i just added what i felt would go well with the fish. 

Now i can safely say that this recipe is entirely my own !!

Ingredients :
1 large Fillet of any good Fish
Salt to taste
1 tsp (or to taste) of Red chili powder
1 tsp of Mustard powder
1 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce
Juice of 2 medium sized Lemons
1/2 tsp of Cumin
1 Tbsp of Fish Masala (i used Shaan's)
1/2 tsp of Chinese Salt
1/2 cup of Flour (to coat)
1 or 2 Eggs (for coating)
1/2 cup of Bread Crumbs

2 gorgeous fillets of fish!
(I doubled the recipe)

Cut in Fingers
(Excuse my weird butchering skills!)

Add all the spices. Marinate for at least an hour.

Place flour , bread crumbs and eggs in separate plates.
(season the eggs with salt and pepper)

Coat in flour. Shake off excess...

...than dip in egg...

...than coat in bread crumbs.

Deep fry till golden brown

Serve with Ketchup or Raita.

Yum Yum !


Sharing recipe with Thursdays treasures

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Cakes and Some Gorgeous Jewelry.

Hey guys !!! 
I'd share a few on my recent cakes and cupcakes.

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They'd ship you the stuff too, no matter where you are !

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Here are a few pictures of my recent cakes, browse through and enjoy !!