Friday, 27 March 2015

Besan ka Halva {Gram Flour Halva}

This Halva is something that i make when I'm craving something sweet but dont want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and lets face it, we are all tired of eating Suji ka Halva! Dont get me wrong, i love that Halva too, but a little variation cant hurt anyone!
Its super easy and made with so little ingredients (ones that you usually have at home!)
and take only 15-20 minutes to make!

This recipe serves 2.

You'll Need:
4-5 tbsp of Gram flour
2 Cardamom pods
3-4 tbsp of Ghee (clarified butter)
1/2 cup of Milk
2 tbsp of Cream (can be skipped)
Sugar as desired. I used about 4-5 tbsp

Dry roast gram flour till light brown and fragrant. Careful not to burn.
Take your time with this step, if you add the other ingredients too quickly you'll have raw flour taste in your finished halva. So be patient, this would take around 8-10 minutes.

Add ghee and cardamom. Cook for about a minute or so.

Than add in the milk, cream and a little bit of water.

Cook till the Halva leaves the sides of the pan. Add sugar and cook till the sugar dissolves, about 2 more minutes.

Serve garnished with almonds and pistachios!