Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chuck Taylor All Stars

Hey guys 
I made 2 cakes this week
One of the client wanted a pair of converse shoes, i was overly excited about it !

I thought it wouldnt take much time, but there was so much detailing to do, and i had to make a pair !!

By the time i was done, my feet were aching and i was totally cursing myself for taking this order !
but in the end it was all worth it !!

I think i did a pretty decent job, all things considered !

Browse through the pictures and enjoy !!
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  1. These converse are really cute...I know someone who would love these!! How did you shape them...did you carve rectangular cakes? :-)

    1. Hii !!
      I made 2 layers of square cakes, cut them in half, stacked them and then carved :)

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