Saturday, 16 July 2011

Electric Lemonade

If u want a fabulous thirst quencher and something to cut the heat of the summer, than this lemonade is for u !! 
Do try it and give me your feedback !

This recipe makes 2 glasses of delicious lemonade.

Ingredients :
Ice : 12 cubes
Lemon : 3 (normal size) or 2 if you are using large ones
Sugar : 2 tbsp
Salt : 1/2 tsp
Blue food color : 2 drops (optional)
7up (or any white frizzy drink) : 1 glass full


Add ice cubes, lemon, sugar, salt and food color in a blender with a little bit of water. Blend to make a fine slush.

Pour it in the glass (halfway full) than add 7up on top. Mix and Enjoy!!


  1. wowi just found your blog and loving it ! blessing to fins a pakistani blog with step by step guide ! you are making such an effort with the step by step pics and everything...i am hooked..we can be best friends :P

    just liked your fb page as well !

    here the first step you did was blend lemon with ice that you mean lemon juice right..(blond question i know)

    1. Hi !!
      Thank u soo much !!
      Sureeee, lets be best friends !! :) hehe

      Yes, its lemon juice !!

  2. Thank u for sharing such a nice recipe. Pakistani Cooking Recipes are always tasty and I love all Pakistani Recipes.