Sunday, 8 January 2012

Coffee !

Hey guys !

This is actually a special post for a relative and a sweet person overall,  Nazish Khurram
(I hope you see this soon, and i really hope you enjoy this coffee as much as i do)

There are many ways you can make coffee, i'm sure you guys know quite a few yourself, this is just the way i make it.

Take around 15 minutes to make, and worth every second !

This recipe yields 2 cups of delicious coffee. Ingredients can be easily doubled or tripled.

Ingredients :
1 1/2 tsp of Coffee (I use Nescafe classic) (adjust according to you preference, I like my coffee a little strong, if you like a lighter version than use 1 tsp)
2-3 tsp of Granulated Sugar
1 1/2 cup of Milk
1/2 cup of Water
2 tbsp of Cream (optional)


Mix milk, water and cream(if using), let it come to boil on a medium low flame.

Meanwhile mix coffee and sugar in a mug, add a few drops of water 

...and beat with a spoon till it becomes light and thick. Add water 1 drop at a time if it gets too thick.

Divide the mixture in 2 cups.

Add the hot milk to the rim. Lightly stir with a spoon, Sprinkle cocoa powder or horlicks or any chocolate powder and Serve immediately !

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  1. The coffee looks delicious!And I absolutely loved the part about adding the cream - sinful but very tempting:)

  2. super tempting coffee........

  3. Super inviting coffee,wish to finish that cup.

  4. Thank u guys !
    @Sudha : cream makes everything taste amazing right !? :D

  5. Looks good, and what better way to accompany those studying days than a good cuppa, eh?

  6. I love this coffee, used to prepare it the same way without cream at Exam times in school-college. Nothing can b better than this especially when ur exams are up. Nie pic as well.
    You hav an award waiting at my space dear, pls come n grab it

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