Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fish Masala

I'm not a big fan of fish, I do eat it sometimes when its prepared a certain way (this is one of those ways) :P

My father loves sea food, he likes to cook it himself ,
fish, prawns, lobster, crab, you name it!
so this is actually his recipe.

And for the record, my mother made this, I helped :)
but i thought i'd share the recipe as it is one of the most delicious fish masala I've ever had. Super juicy and succulent !

You should most definitely try this !
Ingredients :
1 kg of Fish, we used Salmon
3-4 medium sized Onions sliced
2 tsp of Ginger Garlic paste
4-5 large Tomatoes diced
7-8 Green chilies chopped
15-20 Curry Leaves
Salt to taste
1 1/2 tbsp of Red Chili powder (adjust according to taste)
1 tsp of Coriander powder
1/2 of Turmeric powder
1 cup of yogurt

Method :

Heat oil in a pan, I used a flat bottomed wok. Add sliced onions and fry till golden brown

Add ginger garlic paste and cook till fragrant (do not brown)

add the diced tomatoes, green chilies, salt, red chili powder, turmeric, coriander powder and 1/2 cup of water. 

Cook till the tomatoes are tender and the oil is released, than add curry leaves and half of the yogurt.

(This is where we get Curry leaves, from a tree in our garden)

Mix once and spread the masala even in the pan.

Place the fish on top of the masala in a single layer, add the remaining yogurt on top of the fish. You wont be using a spoon after this.

Cover and let it cook. Move the fish around by holding the sides of the pan with a cloth and shaking it lightly.

Cook till the fish is tender. 

Top it off with coriander and green chilies. 

Serve with wheat flat bread or plain boiled rice.

Super juicy and succulent !

Enjoy !! 

Sharing this recipe with World Spice Food Festival and Midweek Fiesta


  1. Dear Sidra,
    I love fish very much and this dish really looks extremely succulent and delicious!Love the myriad jumble of flavors in there - thanks for sharing dear:)

  2. Seriously cant take my eyes from ur irresistible click,super tempting dish.

  3. Wow..a great recipe as it looks so yummy. Your curry tree is actually a very big tree! Over here, they are all just plants and not trees! Amazing.

  4. The fish curry looks very yummy. never heard of this method. bookmarked.

  5. wow....fingerlicking fish curry....superbly done

  6. Thank u so much everyone !!
    do tell me how it turns out for u guys as well :)

  7. Looks delicious! Great presentation!

  8. Looks so delicious. Thanks a lot for linking with
    Hot & Spicy Treats-curry/stew

  9. Its just yuumy ..I tried today turned out amazinggggg my husband loved oit ����������