Monday, 15 August 2011

My Parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary !

We had a great day yesterday, it was my parents 25th wedding anniversary. Ammi Abbu didnt even want to do anything, but we,kids, were persistent. We wanted to throw them a party, so we invited phoppo, chachu and some close family friends, with loads of things for iftar and dinner, a cake made by me, ofcourse, and balloons !!

They look awesome, Dont they ?!
All the credit goes to Hira, Umair, Bilal, Nonee and Bisma. :)

 Bilal and Nonee figuring out where to stick the balloons :P

I wanted to do something entirely different for my parents anniversary, something that i havent had the courage to do before, so i took on a bog caking project with alot of detailing (they were not that much but it was my first time making such an elaborate cake). 
So to save time and to let the cake rest for a while, I baked the cakes a day early and did all the fondant decoration on that day as well, so they could dry in time.

White, pink and red flowers and two shades of green leaves.

 Mehreen took this picture of the cake in the fridge :D

I know there are a lot of pictures of the cake but i couldnt help it !

 I baked two layers of Devil's Food cake and 1 layer of Angel's food cake.
The layers are separated by chocolate ganache filling and the over all cake is frosted by vanilla cream.

Well, originally i made 3 layers of devil's food, 1 of which literally fell apart when i was taking it out of the pan.

(You can use any chocolate cake recipe is place on devil's food cake and any white cake recipe for angel's food cake)

And i made cupcakesss, these i made on Sunday morning :) 
Filled them with vanilla cream

frosted with chocolate ganache.
So it is actually a reverse of the cake :D

Hira and Umair made these :)
The 2s are made by hira and the 5s are made by Umair :D

The bowl is dusted with powdered sugar.

My phoppo gave me this cupcake stand :)
Cute, isnt ?!

And i made ras malai as well !!! :D
i was in turbo mode shayad :D


  1. Girl I must say u are a fantastic cook..why dont u send ur recipes to these events..
    check out

  2. Thank u so much for the compliment Shaista Tabrez! :)
    I do all this as a hobby :)
    i absolutely love anything to do with food :)
    Thank u so much again !

  3. just loved it.. that was really awsum work.. i just want to know do u take orders as well??

    1. Thank u !!
      Yes i do take orders now. This is my page on facebook, check it out