Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pani Puri

Who likes pani puri ?!.
let me rephrase,
Who DOESN'T like pani puri ?!

Pani Puri aka Gol Gappay is a Pakistani and Indian street food and personally, I think the amount we get when we go out to eat, on one plate (8-10) is never enough to satisfy the cravings of these delicious and tangy Gol Gappay. 

So i thought, why not try making them at home. I've tried them before as well.

So lets begin !
For Pani Puri you'll need:
Plain flour : 3/4 cup
Semolina (suji) : 1 cup
Salt : a pinch
Water : to knead

For Khatta Pani :
Mint : 1 bunch
Coriander : 1/2 bunch
Cumin : 1 tsp
Salt : to taste 
Black salt : 2 tsp
Ginger : 1 inch piece
Green chilies : 5-6 (adjust according to taste)
Tamarind pulp : 2/3 cup

Method :

Soak chickpeas in water overnight. Boil and keep aside.

Mix together flour, Semolina and salt.

Knead with water to form a medium soft dough. Leave for 10 minutes.

To make the individual gol gappay you can take small portion of the dough, make a snake...

..cut small sections.

 Roll out the piece thinly.

you can roll out 1/4th of the dough, thin as you can get. Cute individual gol gappay with a cookie cutter.

Deep fry. Pushing them down, so that they puff up.

For Khatta Pani:

Add all the ingredients, with a little water in a blender.


Pass through a sieve. Discard the remaining pulp. Add 2 to 2 1/2 glasses of water (adjust according to you taste)

Serve !! 

Enjoy !!

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  1. yummmmmy..tempting! mouth kr yaar!

  2. Hi Sidra! I have never had these. Strange, isn't it that I could be so sheltered living in a place like California. But these Pani Puri look sooooo good. I will try asking for them next time we go out to eat at an Indian Restaraunt. I love all the ingredients and the sound of them togther is wonderful, especially in the deep fried breads. Great post!

  3. @Mario Thank u Mario !!
    You should definitely ask for these. They are super delicious !

  4. These are one of my favourites, its been a while since I've had them. Now your making me savour them.

  5. @Shaheen I'm glad u like them !
    do try the recipe !

  6. Such divine looking pani puris .. thx for linking to the event.

    Event: Sinful Delights
    Event: Stuffed Paratha

  7. They look so delicious!!Tasty snack for anytime..
    Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta

    Happy Holidays!!Hope to see you on next week too...

  8. @AmyDefinitely !!! I'll be there ! :)

  9. i like gol gappay.i eat gol gappay.check the link for more details