Thursday, 22 December 2011

Crafty Me :D

Yea, i know what you're thinking
Its a food blog, but i just couldn't stop myself

I had to post this :D

A few days before i came across this post, I bookmarked it and forgot all about it till yesterday when i was so bored that i was going through all my bookmarks. I found this and for some reason i just wanted some bookmarks :D

The original post has great instruction pictures. I did the same thing.

But i'll still explain for my satisfaction :D haha :D

First make 3 squares, so that it makes an L shape. All are 2.5 inches in height and width. Make a diagonal line in the top and the right box.

Cut to form this shape. This will serve as your template.

Using the template cut the card sheet with which you want to make the book mark.

Cut a triangle that would go on the top in any color you want. Cute the teeth with white paper.

and the eyes.

Now fold one end..

Apply glue

fold the other flap on top. Press firmly together.

Stick the teeth..

and the green triangle that we cut, and the eyes.

And there you have your book mark :D

I made a black one too :D

and a random one !!

Yea, i tried them on a recipe book. :D