Saturday, 3 December 2011

Potato and Cheese Balls

hey All !

I'm back with a bang (hopefully) :P Haha, this sentence feels weird :S

I havent been posting much here, I'm going through 'that' cooking block again. But i can never say no to potatoes (i should, i know, but God help me! i need to loose weight *sad*)

Anyways, one of my cousin/friend started her own blog this week, you've got to check it out!!
She makes some pretty amazing (and pretty crazy) things ! :D
Check check check !

Okay, lets get down to today's recipe.

Potatoes : 1 kg
Salt : to taste
Black pepper : 1 tsp
White pepper : 1/2 tsp
Chinese salt : 1 tsp
Red chili flakes : to taste ( i added 1 1/2 tsp)
Bread slices : 2 (soak in water for 15 seconds, take out and squeeze to drain) 
Cheddar Cheese : 1/2 cup
Flour : to coat
Egg : 1
Regular bread crumbs : 1/2 cup
Panko bread crumbs : 1/2 cup


Boil, peel..

...and mash potatoes.

Add salt, black pepper, white pepper,

Red chili flakes, Chinese salt...

...and bread slices.

Mix. Keep Aside.

Cut the cheese in small cubes.

Meanwhile beat 1 egg with salt and red chili powder.

Mix both the bread crumbs.

Take a small amout of the potato mix, place a cheese cube in the center, pull in the sides to make a ball.

Coat in flour.

Dip in egg...

...Than coat in Bread crumbs

Deep fry till golden brown.

Yum !

Enjoy !

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  1. awww sidrii... thankyou!! mwaaahhhh...
    and these potato cheese balls look yummyyy... =(

  2. wow dear amazing..........superb

  3. Looks so tasty I want to feel the taste of it..I am planning to try this recipe,will let you know how it come after the weekend...
    Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta
    Hope to see you on next week too....

  4. @AmyI'm sure they'd turn out amazing !!
    good luck !! :)

  5. Dear Sidra, Salaam Walaikum. I have seen your tit bit snacks and full fledged main courses. They are simply awesome!!!!!!!! and very new. I have picked up some tit bit snack items from here for my Kiddo's birthday party and am sure that kids will relish on them. Keep going!!!!

    1. Walikum Salam. Thank u sooo much for such an appreciative message and trying out my recipes. I hope you have an amazing birthday party for you son/daughter. Thank u so much :)

  6. Which cheese do u use ??
    I used cheddar
    sidra honestly i must say ur recipes r flawless owsum tremendous m just in love wid them
    Thnx specially fr uploading step by step

  7. Looks yummmy i will definitely try it ;).... u r way of step by step pics is ow some thanks buddy

  8. Can we freeze it after making balls and fry whenever we want like nuggets etc??

    1. Hi!
      Yea, i guess you can do that. But i wouldnt recommend it, as the potatoes get kind of watery when frozen.

  9. I finally got around to making these and they were great! I used low fat cheese sticks and whole milk.

    make fried cheese cook