Friday, 30 December 2011

Soccer Ball Cake

Hey all !
I know I havent been posting much here. It has been a hectic week.

Made 2 cakes. Very detailed work i tell you!

This cake was made for a Manchester United fan. 
I did extensive search to get the hexagons and pentagons right.
But i thoroughly enjoyed making this cake, from baking the layers to decorating it. Took me two days :D

Had to bake the cakes a day before, so that it would be easier to carve the next day.

Covered the whole cake in white fondant and attached the black pentagons. 

 Made my own black color by mixing all the three primary colors, i dont know how much i added each but i kept adding till i got the color right.
(I'm still waiting for my Wilton's black)

And this was my first experience with making figurines, i was a little skeptic but in end happy with the result.

Here are a few pictures, Enjoy!
There's coconut everywhere so, excuse the mess please

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  1. o girl! are you insane or what! I totally love the cake and the passion you share!

    simply WOW!

    how about sharing the recipe ? ;) Will LOVE to try it out

    It must be YUMMYYYY. I'm getting hungry to taste it!

  2. such a great job! i love the little boy on the cake. Amazing!

  3. Woww mindblowing cake, looks stunning and welldone.

  4. You are GREAT! I am now following you on facebook and GFC. Thank you so much for sharing on Thursday's Treasures! <3 and HUgs!